Vande Mataram

Monday, March 28, 2011

Education and Character

The wikileaks diplomatic cables re-leaked in India by The Hindu has created a furore in Parliament and a disgust amongst the public. The main opposition BJP has got unexpected support from it's main detractors the left parties and the so-called secular outfits.

It is appalling to listen to the Hon'ble Prime Minister Manmohan Singh defending the cash for votes corruption in Parliament. The PM, highly educated Executive Head of a State today, has degraded himself morally and has reiterated the age old lament that Universities impart knowledge but need not necessarily build character. The wikileaks documents accessed and published by 'The Hindu' exposes that the "generally accurate" diplomatic cables of the US diplomats say that money has been paid to ensure the Congress Government gets the enough numbers to get through the confidence vote.

The argument of the PM refuting this allegation is meek and stupid. He says he had not authorized anyone to pay MPs to vote in favour of his Government, so that allegation is false. If that is the regular practice in his Cabinet, there are couple of questions for him.
  • Has he authorized the malpractices in awarding the 2G license?
  • Has he authorized the untenable appointment of tainted Thomas as CVC? 
  • Has he authorized the notorious corruption in CWG?
Or is this line of defence a whine of a blank shell that the defacto powers in this ruling setup have authorized these malpractices and there is no point in questioning him for their actions. It is known to all that he is a dummy  yes-man for the Gandhi family. And he has got himself into the web of their power play to loot the nation in every way, day by day. Coming out and voicing his objections to the perversions in governance now is not an option for him, since he has been part of the sullied setup for quite a while.

He has exhibited that he had successfully killed his ability of rational thinking for surviving in this distorted democratic set up, by arguing that the people have voted him back to power after the pay to vote victory in Parliament, so he need not answer anyone. So, any rogue, rascal and freebooter could by all corrupt means win an election and claim that all legal proceedings against him should be dropped as he has the people's mandate.

Godhra lawsuit against Modi should be quashed under this logic as he has won 3 consecutive elections after that incident. Lawsuit for demolishing the disputed structure in Ayodhya against Vajpayee, Advani, Joshi and others should have been dropped as they have won consecutive elections after that incident. Election victories in this nation is not truly democratic. We have lists of corrupt, perverted and distorted practices in the name of democracy right from the 1950 election. People are not giving their free and fair decisions, but their decision is manipulated by opinion building one way or the other.

So, election victories could not be taken as a vindication for criminal offenses, rather election victories or losses could be taken as a verdict on political stands and philosophies, that too only to a meager extent. So, the PM's claim of vindication is a farce. This shows that the highly educated man, well celebrated for his education, has debauched from the way of rational thinking which is a fruit of education. This stands proof for the age old adage, that certificates and citations won't make you educated, but only the character which you display during testing times show the real personality. Now, we can safely conclude that Dr. Manmohan Singh is a well read man but not a man of unquestionable character.

Alas, the nation has lost another man of integrity to the omni-corrupt politics.