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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Bomb that bonds

The recent visit of Saudi Arabian Crown Price Mohamed Bin Salman (MBS) to Pakistan and his promises there about billions of dollars worth of investments is, in some quarters of the society, sending conflicting signals as Saudi had earlier gave Pakistan a meager amount in aid and left it off with a mammoth debt. Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan had, as mocked by his own country's media and the world, has gone on a tour with a begging bowl to the Arab nations. He has also gone to China with the bowl, of course after carefully emptying it at Islamabad. China too has not been so magnanimous to Khan.

First off it was an ironic site to see the flamboyant Imran Khan, a former cricketer and a heftily wealthy man, to be seen begging at places where he had earlier used to flash his wealth and unleash lavishness. Of course China has no cricketing history nor has it a history of promoting tourism. So, Khan's flamboyance is not known in China except for intelligence inputs.

Well, the Chinese had already lent a billions of dollars to Pakistan for the pet projects of Mr. Xi Jinping the CPEC and OBOR. It has been lamented in Pakistani media that the Nawaz Sharif Government has eaten up almost half of the money in the personal coffers of the men in power. Rest of the money was involved in contracting work. That too has gone down the drains, as the Pakistanis had preferred black listed Chinese firms for contracting work. If the Chinese Government has everything under its control in China why do they have blacklisted firms? If we drill down in this point, we'd rather be discussing the shylocking of China than the Pakistani issues.

Government of China had stepped in and invested more money (around $55bn so far) in the CPEC and had started work. With the new setup, Pakistani companies have been totally sidelined. Whole work had gone to Chinese companies and the preferred labour too are Chinese. Pakistani subcontractors have been relegated to take the left overs from the Chinese tables. They have to do the work too, not like earlier times, when they used to take the contract pocket the money and spend for the master during elections.

In this case the Chinese have total control over the Gilgit-Balistan region, Balochistan till the Gwador port. Pakistan's famous and feared Rangers have no powers in this region. With the road being laid and traffic open the Chinese vehicles are exempted from toll. Well how about the rest of the commuters? Who are all commuting in "the road"? Chinese. Who else? None so far. So what is the income for Pakistan through this road? The mathematical invention of ancient India.

Well, strapped in this trap, the Pakistani establishment has been through another financial turmoil. Their police force has not been paid adequately and money meant for further facilities for the forces had been appropriated by the political masters. So, the forces are under paid and under equipped. They don't command any more the fear and consequent respect they have been used to from the Chinese. They serve as mere security guards to the Chinese work force.

It is also a known information, kept off the media flash though, that the Pakistani Armed forces and Government had been ordered to keep off the resource rich Balochistan region for 3 months by the Chinese. To ensure compliance, two Chinese navy ships have been stationed in Gwador port for the period and the area is under Chinese surveillance. IMF and World Bank have warned Pakistan of getting into a debt trap with China, but China has claimed that the CPEC & OBOR have generated 70000 jobs in the region. For who is the question to be asked, but Chinese are not used to questioning authorities and may not tolerate!

Well, what does all these have to do with Saudi Arabia stepping in with billions of dollars to pump in to the ailing Pakistani economy? What is the necessity to promise an all weather support for Pakistan? Saudis have already told a No to Imran Khan when he visited them with a begging bowl. But now what has effected this sudden change? What bonds them with Pakistan so forcefully? That is a bomb. That is called the Islamic Bomb. Also known as the nuke of Pakistan. The infamous bomb put together by the infamous AQ Khan by stealing nuclear technology from Belgium and other European countries.

Getting a bit back into the history, we all know Israel has been surviving and thriving in a region surrounded by enemies. A tiny piece of land with population unmatched to any given province of any Arab country, the survival and thriving of Israel is a case study material. Important point is the preemptive attacks Israel had carried out around the Arab world to thwart their nuclear progammes. Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Libya have been targets of Israel as they all had a nuclear dream and were working with one force or the other towards materialising it.

Saudi Arabia and other highly oil rich Arab countries have preferred to have their nuke made at a remote place. Their obvious choice was Pakistan. With India ridiculously supporting the Arab world their choice was the best they could to develop a nuke secretly. But Israel had detected that too in the late 1970s and informed the new nuke power, India. The Kao boys were ready to thwart and the Israeli plan looked awesome. But there stood a procedural hassle. The Kao boys have to get a nod from the Prime Minister of India.

Morarji Desai, the then PM, had a bad feeling about R&AW as he saw it as the Police force of his political rival Indira Gandhi. So, he vetoed the idea of attacking Pakistani nuke plant and instead informed Gen.Zia about it inadvertently to boast he knew of what they were doing. Zia took cue from there and started hunting for R&AW assets in Pakistan and finally the Mossad's plan was shelved. Pak's nuke was not their brain child. It was stolen from many countries in Europe by its so boasted father of Islamic nuke Abdul Qadeer Khan. AQ Khan now cannot enter many European countries as they've a look out notice for him.

Finally with the bomb ready and tested in the Chagai hills in the late 1990s, it was boasted as Islamic bomb and Pakistan has been the custodian of it. Being the major investor in that Islamic nuke, Saudi Arabia cannot afford to lose Pakistan's establishment to China. China is known to have been a cruel shylock and picking up key assets from nations it lends to. SriLanka's Hambantota port is a key example. Gwador is on its way to Chinese total control.

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman (MBS) had trusted his Military arm to fight terrorism, and reportedly his own security, with the retired Pakistani Army chief Gen.Raheel Qureshi. Pakistan has been known for its military support to Saudi Arabia with a Division of it's forces in Saudi land and under it's command. General officers are amenable to Saudi Arabia have seen their elevation to the top job in Pakistani Army. Saudi Arabia with no strong ground forces of its own and their Royal family members preferring to command than fight, their defence establishment is dependent on Pakistani Army.

Saudi Arabia (read the ruling Saud family) is now suffering with the consequences of its own actions. It wishes to have its establishment be clear of the Wahhabi ideology it had propagated in the war against Soviet Union, but with their own coffers now not over flowing, they've started worrying about money. Now they wish to run business safely and earn money as it was flowing earlier. With the world moving to solar and electric energy, the demand of oil has started plummeting. This has Saudi Arabia worrying most and they prefer to keep their establishments and investments safe and under control.

We all know that the Saudis have honoured Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the highest civilian honour of their country. They respect Modi very much and is evident from the talks of the de facto ruler MBS. Saudis prefer to do business with Modi heading the Indian setup rather than anyone else. But when it comes to trust, Saudis trust only a slave Islamic set up rather than a Hindu leader who works towards making his country's identity and power felt around the world. Not to forget that the Saudi Arabia's official ideology Wahhabi Islam's aim is to have a Dar-ul-Islam (an Islamic world) where other religions have no place.

With all these said, we can safely conclude that the Arab nations can be respected, done business with, but when it comes to trust, India has to be doubly alert on all fronts. Pakistan, as it is famously said, a country run for the military establishment's existence will never develop economically. Civilian growth is a non starter there. All we need to worry about are two things. Their armed forces and the terrorists they groom on their soil. First thing we know much about and have our counter measures. Second thing, we need to be ruthless to chase and eliminate to ensure our safety.

There is a third thing. To have an utmost safety, we should by all means, try and eliminate the bomb that bonds Pakistan with highly oil rich Arab nations.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Chicago address of Swami Vivekananda - 2

Addresses at the Parliament of Religions - 2 
Why We Disagree

I will tell you a little story. You have heard the eloquent speaker who has just finished say, "Let us cease from abusing each other," and he was very sorry that there should be always so much variance.

But I think I should tell you a story that would illustrate the cause of this variance. A frog lived in a well. It had lived there for a long time. It was born there and brought up there, and yet was a little, small frog. Of course the evolutionists were not there then to tell us whether the frog lost its eyes or not but, for our story's sake, we must take it for granted that it had its eyes, and that it every day cleansed the water of all the worms and bacilli that lived in it with an energy that would do credit to our modern bacteriologists. In this way it went on and became a little sleek and fat. Well, one day another frog that lived in the sea came and fell into the well.

"Where are you from?"

"I am from the sea."

"The sea! How big is that? Is it as big as my well?" and he took a leap from one side of the well to the other.

"My friend," said the frog of the sea, "how do you compare the sea with your little well?"

Then the frog took another leap and asked, "Is your sea so big?"

"What nonsense you speak, to compare the sea with your well!"

"Well, then," said the frog of the well, "nothing can be bigger than my well. There can be nothing bigger than this. This fellow is a liar, so turn him out."

That has been the difficulty all the while.

I am a Hindu. I am sitting in my own little well and thinking that the whole world is my little well. The Christians sit in their little well and think the whole world is their well. The Muslims sit in their little well and think that is the whole world. I have to thank you of America for the great attempt you are making to break down the barriers of this little world of ours, and hope that, in the future, the Lord will help you to accomplish your purpose.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Chicago speech of Swami Vivekananda - 1

Swami Vivekananda’s speech at the Parliament of Religion, Chicago:  
Response to welcome:
Sisters and Brothers of America,
It fills my heart with joy unspeakable to rise in response to the warm and cordial welcome which you have given us. I thank you in the name of the most ancient order of monks in the world. I thank you in the name of the mother of religions, and I thank you in the name of millions and millions of Hindu people of all classes and sects.
My thanks also to some of the speakers on this platform who, referring to the delegates from the Orient, have told you that these men from far-off nations may well claim the honor of bearing to different lands the idea of toleration. I am proud to belong to a religion which has taught the world both tolerance and universal acceptance. We believe not only in universal toleration but we accept all religions as true.
I am proud to belong to a nation which has sheltered the persecuted and the refugees of all religions and all nations of the earth. I am proud to tell you that we have gathered in our bosom the purest remnant of the Israelites, who came to Southern India and took refuge with us in the very year in which their holy temple was shattered to pieces by Roman tyranny. I am proud to belong to the religion which has sheltered and is still fostering the remnant of the grand Zoroastrian nation.

I will quote to you, brethren, a few lines from a hymn which I remember to have repeated from my earliest boyhood, and which is every day repeated by millions of human beings:
As the different streams having their sources in different places all mingle their water in the sea, so, O Lord, the different paths which people take through different tendencies, various though they appear, crooked or straight, all lead to Thee.
The present convention, which is one of the most august assemblies ever held, is in itself a vindication, a declaration to the world of the wonderful doctrine preached in the Gita:
Whosoever comes to Me, through whatsoever form, I reach them; all are struggling through paths which in the end lead to Me.
Sectarianism, bigotry, and its horrible descendant, fanaticism, have long possessed this beautiful earth. They have filled the earth with violence, drenched it often and often with human blood, destroyed civilization and sent whole nations to despair. Had it not been for these horrible demons, human society would be far more advanced than it is now. But their time is come; and I fervently hope that the bell that tolled this morning in honor of this convention may be the death-knell of all fanaticism, of all persecutions with the sword or with the pen, and of all uncharitable feelings between persons wending their way to the same goal.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Refugee crisis and Europe - What is the way forward?

The world is too small to allow even a tiny part of it to step towards skepticism and melancholia. Economic impact would be disastrous at far off regions from the affected places due to intricate dependencies. Political impact would also be a reality thanks to Social Media and spread of information. Can't afford to discount the effects of religious discourses of fundamentalist nature.  When somebody of a religion is punched in a brawl in Africa, the 'religious brethren' get up in the arms throughout the rest of the world or a mass media campaign of alleged persecution is launched worldwide. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Anti Hindu move on unconstitutional grounds by TN Govt.

This article is based on this VSRC article

Electioneering is part and parcel of democracy. In any democratic set-up there would be campaigning  aimed at wooing the electorate to vote for a candidate by exhibiting the track record of the incumbent and the vision of the opponent. But all electioneering would be carefully crafted to ensure a patriotic and caring picture of the candidates are pasted for the view of the electorate. Boasting and emotional appeal of nationalism and patriotic fervor would be inevitable in such election campaigns. But the electioneering in the world's largest democracy, India, has a queer irony. The incumbents boast about their anti-people activities and elaborate on how they violated the law to favor certain groups at the cost of others while the aspirants promise those groups same sort of favor with a zeal win them over.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Another death - Will we get the truth behind it?

Politics is known as the last resort of rogues. Now that we have more number of rogues, rascals and freebooters in politics is filled with them and their routine corrupt practices. Mysterious deaths are not uncommon in the political spectrum and those demises going unnoticed with passing time is also not new. In the history of independent India we have a lot of such death and few comes to mind right on thought are those of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookherjee, Mohan Kumaramangalam, Lalith Narayan Mishra, recently of Madhavrao Scindia, Rajesh Pilot, Dorjee Khandu and the list goes on.

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Content of this article is a research work and publication of Vedic Science Research Center.

Hear O' Brothers and Sisters! Taliban is Here ..............

Hindu students sporting Tilak on their foreheads and amulets on their bodies were stopped by the Physical Instruction Teacher of a Government aided Moslem managed school, Muhammadiya Higher Secondary School, before they entered the school premises. This institution is situated at Sitharkottai of Ramanathapuram District in TamilNadu. The sacred threads and amulets worn for protection from evil effects were cut and the sindoor/tilak worn in the forehead was rubbed off.