Vande Mataram

Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Eye Treatment - Part 1

I'm recording here, my personal experience of an eye treatment I underwent. This post is purely personal.
I had been having issues with my left eye for a couple of decades now. An accident during the past added to the woes, but it was okay to live with, as it didn't cause any pain or serious problems of any sort by the Grace of my Guru Thapas Chakravarthi Shri Bhrathee Theertha Mahaswamiji of Sringeri and my God the Great Jala Rakshaka Ayyanar of Rajapalayam. But right after the Sankranthi holidays of 2013 (mid January) I've been having an irritation in the left eye and have been continuing with some eye drops advised by my ophthalmologist. Later my dad suggested that I sit with the Ophthalmologist at Rajapalayam for finding out a permanent solution for this. The Clinic is called Shakthi Eye Hospital and Dr.Rajesh & Dr.Anitha were running it. I finally agreed with my dad to meet with this 'couple' of doctors.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tamil, Terror and Tenacity

My article published in Udai India

The nightmares of 2009 armed conflict in SriLanka have been revived now for political reasons. Students in TamilNadu are agitating for the cause of Tamil Eelam (a separate nation demand), the welfare of the Tamils in SriLanka, Prosecution of the SriLankan President Mahinda Rajapakse, Imposition of economic sanctions on SriLanka and severing of diplomatic ties with that nation. The war and the related crimes happened four years ago. The politicians in TamilNadu especially those who hold the Eelam cause high now, were docile, dormant and inert while having all the power with them to have made an effective attempt to stop the killing of innocents. The students were also there in 2009. All were docile when people were killed and shouting after 4 years which is akin to refusing donating blood for a dying patient but crying at the cemetery years after the death.