Vande Mataram

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Asom - Must mitigate the migrant menace

I live in my town. Someone comes from a distant place as there is no possibility for decent living there. He slowly tries to dictate my terms of life and finally attempts to control me in total. If I retaliate, some say he needs to be given a humanitarian consideration. Some threaten me that my stern stand against him will turn him violent and harm me.

Some blame me as intolerant because his way of life is different from mine. He has come to my town to make a living and I don't have anything against him unless my existence is threatened. When threatened I'm not negotiating with the trespasser as it is my home and he has to mind his behaviour.

You call me terrorist? I don't care. You call me intolerant? I'm not bothered. You call me fascist? I have gross indifference towards your attitude. You blame my attitude? I don't give it a damn!!