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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Asom - Must mitigate the migrant menace

I live in my town. Someone comes from a distant place as there is no possibility for decent living there. He slowly tries to dictate my terms of life and finally attempts to control me in total. If I retaliate, some say he needs to be given a humanitarian consideration. Some threaten me that my stern stand against him will turn him violent and harm me.

Some blame me as intolerant because his way of life is different from mine. He has come to my town to make a living and I don't have anything against him unless my existence is threatened. When threatened I'm not negotiating with the trespasser as it is my home and he has to mind his behaviour.

You call me terrorist? I don't care. You call me intolerant? I'm not bothered. You call me fascist? I have gross indifference towards your attitude. You blame my attitude? I don't give it a damn!!

This is what is happening in Asom. The immigrants from Bangladesh, who had sneaked in without any legit documentation or authorisation have started to pose a threat to the existence of the sons of the soil (or hill rather!) the Bodos. These immigrants sneak in and do jobs at throw away charges. Cost conscience of the business especially the real estate and other core infrastructure businesses, utilize these people to ward off the 'demanding'  local employees. These coolies after getting settled start posing a threat to the social balance.

Starting point of the now subsided, but still hot, fire is the attack on some Bodo houses by the Bangladeshis.When the Bodos retaliate they are as usual branded as terrorists. The Mullahs in our country have gathered support for these trespassers on religious grounds and still hold these people on the same ground. Law of the land cannot be binding on them as they have votes in bunches for our secular politicians. 

What can we expect from people who religiously follow the political gimmickry of Barrister M.K.Gandhi who advocated democracy for all and started 'fasting' expressing displeasure when his own candidate was democratically defeated in the Congress President election by Netheji Subhash Bose and finally succeeded in getting Nethaji out of Congress, thus eliminating a threat to his position.

Further damaging is the Gujral doctrine which advocates to give whatever is asked for. The first point of the core 5 points of the doctrine is: With neighbours like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka, India does not ask for reciprocity, but gives and accommodates what it can in good faith and trust. Isn't this stupid? For the common man, yes! But for the people who wish to hold high the foolish Nehruvian policy and impractical Gandhian philosophy irrespective of ruining the nation, it is a matter of pride. 

 These kind of imbecile indoctrination of the general public to boast false pride makes one advocate restraint towards a goon even under a daring threat to one's own life. Going down without a fight has been falsely preached as Non-violence, but Non-violence is not toleration of violence, it is non indulgence in violence. If you're attacked, defend and fight your enemy away is the lesson taught under the eternal way of life also known in Sanskrit as Sanathana Dharma

Vishkanya's men as our leaders didn’t look for ways to stop the illegal infiltrators and deport them, instead they were looking for naturalising them in (un)due course and bank on their votes. These illegal immigrants have the guts to challenge the Police of the State and even the military. How did they get such guts? If they're backed by Lashkars or Hizbs or Qaedas, that is deadly. But the fact turns out to be twice deadly as the gang which is bent on renewing its license to loot the nation backs these infiltrators and methodically decimates the natural residents. 

A United Nations review says that Bangladesh should have had a population of 118 million in 1991, but the National Census reported only 108 million citizens. "According to Bangladesh's Census Report, the country had a population growth of over 2.4 per cent. It saw a decrease of more than six million voters within four years in the 1995 electoral roll. These missing voters and the increased number of voters during this period plus a disfranchised 20 lakh voters have infiltrated into India," says Dr Buddhadeb Ghosh, programme coordinator, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata.

In 1951, Bangladesh had 22 per cent Hindus; today they're a mere 7 per cent. "This population has been forced to settle in parts of eastern India, particularly West Bengal," says Ghosh. Concern Universal, an international NGO working in 12 countries including Bangladesh, estimates that 50 Bangladeshis cross into India every day. (Illegal immigration: East Bengal in West Bengal)   

It is really the slap on the face article of Prabhu Chawla that makes us worry about the additional responsibility of national leaders, in the true sense of the term, to cleanse the minds of people and free it from the yolk of slavery of Western ways of life. The responsibilities of our religious Gurus are now manifold to ensure that we not only get our minds free from the worldly nasties but also from the enslaving niceties of the west. The vote minded Vishkanya Khangress is the problem and its venom mongers refuse to give reason for their anti-national activities. They have a reason though, but it is unreasonable to true nationalists. 

The reaction of the supporters of these illegal immigrants in Mumbai on religious grounds grew violent and our Mumbai police commissioner played a vital role in safeguarding the goons as demanded by the secular diktat of  the political set up.This disgraceful act was lauded by the poster people of the secularism mongering Islamic boot lickers Teesta Setalvad and Javed Anand. Teesta is well known for her illicit means in unsuccessfully attempting to implicate Mr. Narendra Modi in the 2002 Gujarat riots. 

The National Commission for Minorities has given a biased report on the status of the people post riots. It is terribly biased towards Muslims portraying only them as victims while the Bodos are portrayed as terrorists. The report also is incorrect in its narration of the condition of the relief camps. People who are in the know after visiting the affected districts say that the NCM report seems like the writers of it have not visited the camps where Bodos are accommodated except for only one. 

A legal point, debatable though, has been made by the Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that the Bodos too are minorities as quite a few of them are Christians and the rest  follow their own religion of worshipping Sun, Moon and the rest of the nature.  This is quite basically in the Sanathanic tradition, but that is not the point of debate now. If someone is legally minority and the NCM which has a Constitutional mandate to protect the right of minorities, why should its report be biased towards Muslims? Has it been influenced to do so? If yes, by whom and for what? 

The mainstream (?!) media is not bringing out the other side of the story and debate the situation. They just want to score brownie points over each other on the TRP and cautiously stick to the secular doctrine. If Muslims riot say they do. If Hindus riot say they do. If Christians riot, say they do. So, in the case of other groups too. That is what is the job of the media. But we have TRP crazy media men who instigate violence against women and show it on TV to get higher viewer count.  So, that pillar of the democracy too is not strong in the way it ideally has to be. 

The courts are the only hope at this moment and they do live up to their job of providing Justice. The Guwahati High court had observed in a judgement delivered on July 23, 2008 that the Bangladeshi migrants have become the king makers. But unless we have the executive power to deliver the justice practically, the court orders are mere paper tigers.  Unfortunately, the executive set up in Asom is dominated by vote beggars and loot seekers. The Asom Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi has chosen to blame the dely in deployment of Army for the violence. Just passing the buck and keeping the 'king makers' happy. 

This time in Kokrajhar, the hands of All Bodoland Minority Students Union (ABMSU) and All Assam Minority Students Union (AAMSU) to instigate violence were quite visible from the day one; still the Assam govt chose to turn a blind eye and did nothing. People have to live in refugee camps in their own country because of hostilities from people of a foreign land. Conditions in the Refugee camps are extremely poor. Food supply is scarce, there are no medicines available and if that was not enough, the security in the camps is highly lacking. (Assam: The agony of being a Hindu)

We have a duty of ensuring that the Bodos do not become another page in the history of our nation where people live as refugees in our own country. We already have our Kashmiri Pandit brethren as refugees and still have Kashmir without a life. Moot point to make is to be awake to the facts and happenings around us and give a boot the looters gang in the coming elections of 2014. Till then, let us strive by all possible means to ensure our Bodo brethren are safe and in their own land.  Vande Matharam!

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