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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

TESO - A cliff to cling on for the falling DMK

Off late we've been hearing a lot about TESO. Some of us might have TESO in dim distant past memories. A quick catch up about it. TESO stands for Tamil Eelam Supporters Organization, formed in 1983 with M. Karunanidhi (DMK), K.Veeramani (Dravidar Kazhagam) and Pazha. Nedumaran of Tamil Nationalist Party. This was formed to garner support for separate Eelam nation in the Sri Lankan island.

On 4 th May 1986, DMK organized the Tamil Eelam Supporters Organization Conference in Madurai. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, N.T.Rama Rao and Dr.Subramanian Swamy participated in that conference. They indeed were seemed to be bent on getting Eelam. All participants promised help to the sufferers.

Then the LTTE had given full throttle to its killing spree of whoever they perceived to be competitors of LTTE in the Eelam struggle to consolidate their position. After Siri Sabarathnam of TELO, one of the much influential leaders amongst Eelam Tamils, was killed by the LTTE Karunanidhi unilaterally announced that TESO will not be active anymore and left his so claimed undying support for separate Eelam die a silent death. What was the reason to lay TESO to rest? MK didn't give any. Attributed reasons range from fear (of life) to favor (received) to his favorite turf - political gerrymandering. K. Veeramani fell in line with Karunanidhi as usual and Nedumaran is still the thorn in MK's flesh with regards to Eelam and related Tamil issues.

Well. After a couple of decades, what is the pressing necessity for MK to revive an organization he unreasonably left to an uncared for and silent death? Why is he now clinging to that skeleton attempting the impossible - bringing TESO back to life?

The reasons are as follows:

  • The DMK's unprecedented loss of face and #2 position in the State Legislative Assembly in the 2011 General Elections. 
  • The arrest of key contributors to the party (read the first family) coffers on various corruption and cheating charges.
  • The huge land grabbing of the DMK functionaries taken up legally and the State Government acting pretty tough on that.
  • The humiliating defeat the party suffered in the Sankarankovil by polls.
  • Unable to come out clear of the 2G spectrum charges and the visibly illegal trail of money poured into Kalaingar TV.
  • The Congress not being so supportive in declaring DMK clean on corruption charges those include the  Rs.176000 crore 2G spectrum scam.
With Eelam Tamils not taking his words seriously anymore, believing him? joke!, and local Tamils brushing him aside as many have realized that his political rhetoric are just flimflam, MK has to do something to keep himself afloat. He does what comes best to him, Cozenage. 

TESO has come a full round now. It was started by three people. Unilaterally pronounced defunct by one and accepted by the other, opposed by another. Now it has again unilaterally been pronounced back to life by one and readily accepted by the other, opposed by another. Nedumaran seems to be caring too much for his self respect which is a basic disqualification if one wishes to be a political ally of MK. One has to accept MK's rationale (sounds oxymoron? Can't help!) for any decisions taken by him, accept the decision and propagate that too.

Well, the nation's foreign policy initially had been in favor of the Tamil Eelam. But later due to the arrogance of LTTE in killing fellow Tamils and also creating an unpalatable unrest in India especially TamilNadu, we had to change the stance for national  security reasons. Some with a zeal of some unpleasant kind started advocating a grand Tamil nation that included Eelam and TamilNadu with LTTE at the helm. There Eelam cause lost a much needed support. The Indian foreign policy generally is not favourable to India but reflects the Nehruvian grandstanding at the loss of our national interest. And here too we flip flopped during Indira Gandhi's regime and flopped during Rajiv Gandhi's period.

If  one takes a look at Karunanidhi's track record on Eelam issue (for that matter, any issue) there will be many changes of stance defying logic and rationale. He once advocated coexistence with Sinhalese in one Lanka. Then advised a con-federal setup. Then moved back to separate Eelam nation. Again for a federal setup. All these for the good of Eelam Tamils, he said on every change.

On his 89th birthday bash this June,  MK announced that the August 5, 2012 meeting of TESO at Villupuram will help create the much awaited separate Eelam in Srilanka. Veeramani hailed as usual. Nedumaran questioned the silencing of TESO earlier and digging up its grave now. Many started wondering why MK is raking TESO back up. But as expected by keen watchers of politics, MK's vigor watered down.

He said after the Union Government, of which his party is a part, extended the ban on the now underground LTTE that there would be no pushing for Eelam in a resolution form, yet  separate Eelam is his dream. Then the meeting venue was shifted to Chennai and MK announced that he will not die without getting Eelam.

Few days back the Union Home Minister had a meeting with MK, which MK dubbed as a courtesy call, but what it turned out to be was a courtesy warning of an ally. After his meeting with P.Chidambaram, the Union Home Minister, MK said that there will not be any mention to separate Tamil Eelam at all in the meeting of Tamil Eelam Supporters Organization. But separate Eelam will continue to remain DMK's dream says MK.

So, what will that be then? It would be a meeting to "ensure the human rights and welfare of Eelam Tamils". In that case Dr.Kalaignar Mu. Karunanidhi, shouldn't the meeting be called "Meeting to press for human rights and welfare of Eelam Tamils" and not TESO which calls for separate Eelam right through its nomenclature.

Seems MK has misunderstood former President Kalam's advise on dream as he infamously did pathetically recently with the ex-Prez's name. President Kalam advised dream in a sense of envisioning the goal and make means to achieve it. Not merely setting a goal for impressing people during an election and dropping it off and suddenly out of blue trying to revive it and keeping it as a dream always.

Come on old man! You've lived a long political life. Retire from politics and mess up with movie dialogue writing as you have amassed the money to do it with a level of relative ease.

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