Vande Mataram

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Moral Education - More pressure on Students?

Everyone is lamenting about lack of moral education in schools and lack of care by parents when news broke out that a teenager school student stabbed his teacher to death, because she complained about his poor performance to his parents. Moral Instruction was included in the timetable when I was in school, but our teachers proudly said that moral stories won't fetch marks in exams and concentrated on Mathematics and Science during those hours.  I was an average student in those subjects, so hated the pressure put by the teachers who wanted me to understand what they taught instead of teaching me in a way I understood. (Thank fully one of our family friends was a maths teacher and he taught me in private in a way I understood and I got decent marks in mathematics.) Science? If everybody becomes a scientist who will manage the world? So, I studied commerce and management.