Vande Mataram

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Politics of Love and Loyalty

Contemporary politics is an idiosyncratic trade. People stay mum for allegations which would attract a tight slap in normal situations and even an attempted kill in flared up moods. An example of one such (chronic) behaviour is that of the Gandhi family, not of the Barrister from Gujarat, but of the heirs of the person to whom he lent his surname. Feroze Gandhi. There were some retorts and repartees during the times of Feroze's wife Indira and his son Rajiv. But right after Rajiv's wife Sonia Gandhi took over the family organisation i.e the Congress Party, a lot of allegations were levelled, some even make the listener think as if hurling vitriol at will were the order of the day. But not even a murmur heard against such allegations, leave alone law suits being filed.