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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Applaud PM's honesty - His silence is honourable!

"Hazaron jawabo se achchi hai khamoshi meri, na jaane kitne sawalo ki aabru rakhe. (My silence is better than a thousand answers, it keeps intact the honour of innumerable questions)," The PM prefers silence when questions are asked.

This is true. There are a lot of questions asked to Dr. Manmohan Singh, but he never answers any of them. He is praised as a man of honesty which is proved to be a criminal joke.

Some key instances are:  

  •  Sharm El Sheik diplomatic debacle where the nation had a nasty diplomatic failure. 
  •  Naxals, Terror and toleration of these menaces.
  •  2G Spectrum scam  where he declared the accused was innocent based on the denial of any wrong doing by the accused himself.  
  • The Supreme Court was threatened by the Attorney General Gulam Vahanvati when the already damaged integrity of the proposed candidate for the CVC was queried about.
  • Adarsh Housing, Commonwealth Games all were top scams and the SCI had to take up the investigation and micromanage the CBI to get a fair investigation done.
    Given these few facts on the status of the care the PM gives for the national and public interest, we have a few more where the PM had spoken and it too had been against the national interest and the voting machine aka Common man with a more familiar name to the Congress "Aam Aadmi". 

    The Government storages were not decent enough to look at and incompetent for storing the grains procured. The grains were left to rot and spoil in the improperly maintained Food Corporation storages. When the Supreme Court of the nation ordered that those rotting grains be distributed among the people BPL, the economist in our PM woke up and said that giving food grains free would not encourage economic activity of production amongst the farmers as the competent price cannot be got for the produce and growth would be compromised. 

    Well, can he now explain the rationale behind giving free cellphones to the people BPL and how that freebie at an estimated cost of Rs.7000 crores, not so whopping compared to the money looted through scams, will  constitute an economic activity, be an incentive to produce more cell phones as prices will be competitive and fuel the economic growth? 

    When the nation suffers from deficit, fiscal, budgetary, current account, not to mention leadership, accountability and integrity deficits here, what is the ground to offer a $2billion loan to fund the bailouts in EU? European Union nations are boasting themselves as developed and tend to teach us economics and administration (this is not the point of debate now, so keep it aside please), but whey do we a developing and deficit ridden nation to fund the bailout for the so-claiming economically developed and rich nations? 

    The Finance Minister P.Chidambaram urges banks to lend more and induce people to get loans to spur economic activity, something similar to the economic stimulus, aping the US. Can more loans given irrespective of their repayment capability constitute good economic thought? What will happen in the long run if people were not able to pay back, given fact that we're going through a volatile global economic phase, which is perennially inflationary and methodically mismanaged nationally?

    There are a lot more queries for the PM to answer and his silence cannot be taken as it is. But still we have appreciate the honesty of the Prime Minister. He has explicitly stated that his silence saves the honour of many questions, as he has no honourable answers! Pitiable state of the so-called Mr.Clean. 

    Wonder is it curse for the Congress party that anyone branded as Mr.Clean get his hand dirty with corruption. But logic answers it is not a curse, but the tradition of the Congress leaders to boast honesty and build an image upon that, which eventually crumbles in due course as the Congressmen tread the path they well know.


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