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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Refugee crisis and Europe - What is the way forward?

The world is too small to allow even a tiny part of it to step towards skepticism and melancholia. Economic impact would be disastrous at far off regions from the affected places due to intricate dependencies. Political impact would also be a reality thanks to Social Media and spread of information. Can't afford to discount the effects of religious discourses of fundamentalist nature.  When somebody of a religion is punched in a brawl in Africa, the 'religious brethren' get up in the arms throughout the rest of the world or a mass media campaign of alleged persecution is launched worldwide. 

Given these ground realities or global facts, strict action against refugees or their sympathizers would be disastrous. The recent outrage by a section of Europeans against refugees from Arab region and the resident Moslems supporting them is unnecessary. Raising voice will vitiate the atmosphere for a tranquil life, while raising fists will make it worse further.  Refugees have been allowed into Europe because they face life threatening situation in their homeland and have come to Europe for a living. 

None in European countries could understand their lifestyle even though many of the Europeans lived in the Arab region either as expatriates on work or to maintain diplomatic relationship. But Europeans had lived in their own world created exclusively for them in the midst of the locals in the Arab region, so they're far from reality. So, the conduct of the refugees in their midst in Europe has shocked them to put mildly. Sending the refugees back will be inhuman to start with and will be in violation of the international treaties on treating people seeking political asylum and those who flee their home land for fear of life.

Now the anger on the refugees turn on the people of similar race who have been residing in the European countries for a long while. This is totally uncalled for. The anger should be channeled into thought process so that a solution could be designed for the crisis Europe is facing. First off the Europeans need to understand the refugees, their mindset and educate them to live a life that fits the European tradition. This may take time and face resistance. This would be because the refugees are humans and it is human nature to see any change with paranoia. 

Though they' ve left their homeland, the Arab refugees would still be paranoid about their future in the new found land and any resistance to their way of life, or any change forced upon them would attract a reaction, in some cases a rough one. The Moslems already residing in Europe may accommodate the refugees in an attempt to get their guilt of leaving their homeland for better life leaving others to suffer and fight for life there. This feeling is quite human and needs to be understood without any attempt to color it in anyway. 

The option with the Europeans now is to exercise patience till the zeal of the refugees to uphold their culture in the new found land to subside and then talk to them for taking a midway in  living a life accommodating both the natural residents and the naturalized residents including refugees. That's what has been done by most countries, in the so called third world, those have had such problems earlier. The European countries and their leaders have been ably assisting those third world countries in such negotiations

Now it is the turn of the Europeans to put the skills employed to assist other countries to steer their own countries clear from a similar or related problems. A settlement negotiated with the refugees would be better for the future of Europe rather than splitting up and violating the international agreements on refugees and asylum seekers. It would rather be inhuman to shoo someone away for he or she is different follows a different way of life. Let us hope the tranquillity is not disrupted by the propagators of world peace.

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