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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Anti Hindu move on unconstitutional grounds by TN Govt.

This article is based on this VSRC article

Electioneering is part and parcel of democracy. In any democratic set-up there would be campaigning  aimed at wooing the electorate to vote for a candidate by exhibiting the track record of the incumbent and the vision of the opponent. But all electioneering would be carefully crafted to ensure a patriotic and caring picture of the candidates are pasted for the view of the electorate. Boasting and emotional appeal of nationalism and patriotic fervor would be inevitable in such election campaigns. But the electioneering in the world's largest democracy, India, has a queer irony. The incumbents boast about their anti-people activities and elaborate on how they violated the law to favor certain groups at the cost of others while the aspirants promise those groups same sort of favor with a zeal win them over.

In this appeasement drive, an announcement of the TamilNadu Government proves to be the peak of dishonesty. The Government has announced a reservation in jobs for Moslems in a college run by the Palani Sri Dhandayuthapani Temple. The college is a Government aided institution and the logic shown is that any Government aided institution has to abide by the Government regulations. The fact of the matter is that the Government regulation to provide religion based reservation has been decreed unconstitutional by the Apex Court of the land. Upholding the verdict of the Andhra Pradesh High Court, the Supreme Court has refused to revert/stay the order of the High Court which has declared that any reservation based on religion in education or jobs is unconstitutional. 

The Union Government has bent over backwards to get the High Court order set aside, but the Supreme Court put its foot down firmly to stop this senseless move. With such a clear direction from the Supreme Court, one wonders on what grounds the State Government has taken this step. The reason, if one manages to look clearly into the present political scenario, proves to be deceptive politicking. The Government knowingly announces such a move and it would be struck down by the judiciary. Thus the ruling party can make a claim with the Moslem people that it's Government had tried to do them a favor but law of the land is not on their side. This may have a devastating impact on the tranquil life of the public, as we have precedences in the cases of two movies "Innocent Muslims" and "Viswaroopam". 

The Moslems while protesting against the movie Innocent Muslims, had damaged public property, disrupted tranquil life of the public, and ensured that the Mount Road in Chennai was kept blocked till they pleased. While protesting against the movie Viswaroopam they threatened the Government in such a way that the Government had declared that it would not be able to protect the movie theaters screening Viswaroopam from Moslems. So, this move of reservation if struck down by the judiciary, may instigate violent protests from the Moslems and public life would be put to trouble as in the earlier cases. In another scenario, if the Hindus protest against this move, the ruling party would be bound to be in the good books of Moslems while Hindus striving for their rightful move would be seen as adversaries which might end up in social disharmony.

But this move has already sent shock waves in the Hindu society. Many locals of Palani question this decision on various grounds. One of the queries were,"While the temple is generating crores of Rupees as income annually, why does the college need Government aid? The college could have been run by the Temple administration and Hindu people can get more jobs there, as Moslems and Christians enjoy jobs in institutions run by their religious organizations". 

Another RTI activist, requesting anonymity has given us the following information, which would appalling for any sane mind.

"During the last year the Government has appropriated Rs. 9 Crores from the Hundi contribution of the devotees as administrative expenses from the Palani Sri Dhandayuthapani Temple. The public or the devotees are not yet privy to the overheads and details of this administrative expense claimed by the Government. So, he has every reason to believe that this is misappropriation, unless established otherwise. Also, during last year the Government has appropriated Rs.5 Crores as public welfare fund from the contribution of the devotees to the temple. What were the welfare activities carried out and who were the beneficiaries?" 

It is said that the Audit of the temple is not done as by te guidelines of CAG, but by following the Moslem calendar. This is bizarre. Why should a Hindu temple administration follow Moslem calendar while we have the Gregorian calendar generalized and followed by many in the public or the Hindu calendar, following of which would be perfect for a Hindu temple? 

We have no answer for these queries neither from the HR&CE authorities or the college administration, other than duly following the Government order. To challenge this Government order of reservation at this college, one has to first off challenge the GO instrumental for such reservations based on religions in the court of law, praying nullification of that GO under the Supreme Court verdict. Simply challenging the college notification would be legally disastrous. Hindu organizations should take appropriate steps to garner public support for this move, while legal luminaries from the Hindu society should come forward to ensure the law of the land is reinstated as supreme as always.

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