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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Another death - Will we get the truth behind it?

Politics is known as the last resort of rogues. Now that we have more number of rogues, rascals and freebooters in politics is filled with them and their routine corrupt practices. Mysterious deaths are not uncommon in the political spectrum and those demises going unnoticed with passing time is also not new. In the history of independent India we have a lot of such death and few comes to mind right on thought are those of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookherjee, Mohan Kumaramangalam, Lalith Narayan Mishra, recently of Madhavrao Scindia, Rajesh Pilot, Dorjee Khandu and the list goes on.

Of these deaths very disturbing is the one of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookherji who sought to fight Jammu & Kashmir being stone walled from the rest of the nation with undue special privileges and insisted that if special rights are given to Kashmir it has to be extended to Jammu and Ladakh. He went to Kashmir to see and address problems the neglected Jammu and Ladakh people, but was arrested and jailed. Mookherjee said a nation cannot have two Constitutions, two Prime Ministers and two emblems. This very much angered Sheikh Abdullah as his privileges were being targeted and Nehru was angered because being challenged by this man had hurt Nehru's ego.

Mookherjee fell ill in jail and was administered penicillin despite a known fact that he was allergic to it. He died in custody and no proper inquiry was done. Nehru simply said he had checked many people who were in the know of facts and nothing seemed mysterious to him. It was in 2004 that the former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee came out in the public that his mentor was tormented and his arrest  was due to Nehru's conspiracy. Yet, the truth in its whole form has not come out in the open officially.

The fate of Kashmir then on is a tragic one and the sons of the soil (rather mountains!) the Pandits were persecuted by Moslems. They were left to live as refugees in our own nation and the minority appeasing Government did nothing for them. Absolutely nothing. Anyone speaking for their rights were not given the voice in the media, and any debates with regards to Jammu & Kashmir was restricted to terrorism, AFSPA and the likes. Our own armed forces were ridiculed by the so claiming neutral media. Some of our journalists were happy getting appreciations from Pakistani politicians for their 'special coverages' on J&K.

Now we have another voice that spoke about the ground reality on J&K went silent. It was the voice (truthful it was as that of all the affected Pandits of J&K) of Sunanda Pushkar Tharoor. Recently during a controversy in the micro blogging site Twitter, Sunanda has accused one Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar of stalking her husband and she openly commented that men are likely to fall exposing her husband's character. She also spoke about an ISI hand in Mehr 'approaching' her husband. She said she would reveal facts and would file for divorce, but then made it up with Shashi Tharoor and said they were happy couple. But alas, in the next couple of days we heard the news that Sunanda was found dead in a Delhi hotel room.

If the couple had patched up and happy what is the cause for Sunanda still living in hotel room.  She was said to have a medical condition and it would have been best to rest at home rather than a hotel.

The former Home Secretary R.K.Singh has accused Home Minister Shinde of having played to the tunes of ISI in Dawood Ibrahim issue. But now we have the minority commission demanding an apology from Singh for accusing a Dalit. No inquiry, no fact findings. Do all Dalits get the same privilege? No whoever you are, you need to be a slave of a higher ranking of the first family of foreigners of the Congress party to be so privileged.

The appalling part here is that Sunanda Pushkar had earlier spoken about Article 370 being biased towards women, which is a fact. A J&K girl marrying an 'outsider' (read citizen of other States of India) loses her right to own/purchase property in J&K, while an 'outsider' girl marrying a J&K man gets the right. This is absolute bias and is against natural justice. This obviously separates the people of J&K mentally from the rest of the nation and challenges the unity of the nation thus.

She has spoken about the Kashmiri Pandits' cause and preserving the culture. She questioned why the elders have given up fighting to keep the culture alive. This is the fighting spirit of Hindus that has been a stumbling block for making Bharath a Christian Banana Republic or Dar ul Islam. Some of her tweets which reflect the feel of many Hindus are here for us to see her thoughts and learn to be careful while being vociferous.

Within a month an this strong willed lady is no more and reason attributed is her husband's alleged affair with a Pakistani journalist. She initially took it in stride saying Sashi is like most of the men who fell for beauties, but later with issues those are hushed up, she is rumoured to have committed suicide which is too stupid for a below average brain to believe. Reports published in the social media suggest murder while doctors confirm that the cause of her death was unnatural.

We have some circumstances to consider in this matter.

  • A Union minister's wife speaks about an atrocity the Congress Government had allowed to happen 25 years ago.
  • She has been advised to keep quiet through her husband.
  • She speaks up on another issue which would rather be personal but involves a key issue of national security.
  • Another Union Minister, known for his anti-national talks, has been pointed by some for some anti-national activities by an ex-Secreatary to the Government.
  • Noose seems to be tightening around the Government, but in concurrence with the history of troubleshooting by the Congress party, the affected party dies in a suspicious manner.

We need to have a proper inquiry to bring out the facts about this death, so that we can save the nation if we have some enemy activities buzzing in the national capital through booby traps, inter alia, as by the doubts raised by Sunanda.

The worrisome scenario is that anyone who speaks of Hindu rights in Kashmir dies in suspicious manner.
It is high time for us to keep the momentum going to raise our voices for the Hindu cause. That would be the better remembrance for Sunanda Pushkar who, we have every reason to believe, has died for speaking her mind up for Hindus and Bharath.

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