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Sunday, January 26, 2014


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Hear O' Brothers and Sisters! Taliban is Here ..............

Hindu students sporting Tilak on their foreheads and amulets on their bodies were stopped by the Physical Instruction Teacher of a Government aided Moslem managed school, Muhammadiya Higher Secondary School, before they entered the school premises. This institution is situated at Sitharkottai of Ramanathapuram District in TamilNadu. The sacred threads and amulets worn for protection from evil effects were cut and the sindoor/tilak worn in the forehead was rubbed off.

Upon hearing this atrocity, the agitated parents complained to the Head Mistress Ms. Zarina Lotus, to which she had reportedly said that she was only implementing the order of the District Collector.  Shri. Ramesh (name changed) father of one of the children stated as above. The agitated parents headed by the District Head of Hindu Makkal Katchi, Shri Prabhakaran met the District Collector Shri K Nandakumar and reported the matter to him. The District Collector not only justified his order, but also challenged them to take the matter to the courts, said the Hindu leader Prabhakaran.

In connection with this incident, VSRC contacted the Head Mistress of the school Ms. Zarina Lotus over telephone on 21.01.14, Tuesday. During the course of this conversation, Ms. Zarina Lotus stated that she was only obeying the orders of the District Collector. Stating further she said that, while addressing a meeting of Head Masters of High Schools and Higher Secondary Schools, the Collector had stated that the teachers should advise the students not to sport sacred threads or apply tilak or sport any object that would represent their religion. Do you know the reason extended for the issuance of such a diktat by the District Collector Shri.K. Nandakumar?

"Since the students come to school sporting religious symbols, quarrels ensue and hence students have been sent to Juvenile Schools. Policemen in plain clothes who have been keeping a watch had reportedly stated that the reason behind such quarrels and fights are religious symbols and also listed the schools where such incidents occurred", continued Ms. Zarina Lotus.

In connection with this, an e-mail was sent to Shri. K. Nanda Kumar on 22.01.2014, Wednesday and there has been no reply so far. When attempts were made to get in touch with Shri. Dharman, the personal assistant to the District Collector, he stated that he was busy, so he may be contacted later  and disconnected the line. When we tried to contact him again later, he did not attend the call. The actions of the District Collector raises certain pertinent questions.

If there can be no protection for the students sporting Hindu religious symbols, then, are we to understand that the district administration is conceding that Ramanathapuram is fast becoming a Dar al Islam?
Speaking about religious symbols, even skull caps and purdah would come under the ambit. On the contrary, why did the District Collector not advise against the removal of those?
Sporting of religious symbols is a fundamental right awarded to every citizen through the Constitution of India.
Who gave the District Collector the powers and courage to deny this fundamental Constitutional right?

  • Which are the schools where clashes occurred on the basis of sporting of Hindu religious symbols?
  • Who instigated these clashes? 
  • Who were the students sent to the Juvenile Schools?
  • What was the action taken to prevent clashes in the schools where such a situation is prevailing? 
  • And are there any teachers associated with such religious ruckus?

If we construe the action of the District Collector to be an admittance of the worst and precarious nature of situation prevalent in Ramanathapuram, then what action Shri. K. Nanda Kumar has taken against those indulging in religious extremism and those who instigate such acts?
  • Is he admitting the fact that he would not be able to protect Hindus of Ramanathapuram District?
  • To stop clashes will Shri. K. Nanda Kumar order the snapping of mangal sutra of the Hindu women?

Are we to understand that Ramanathapuram district administration has gone into the hands of Wahhabi forces and their Shariya is being implemented by the democratically elected secular Government machinery?

The Government machinery which is duty bound to stop acts of terror is caving in to Jihadi demands.

  • Ban on playing music in Amman Temples.
  • Changing of routes traditionally adopted by Temple processions.
  • Filing of a case against Hindus, who complained about the slaying of a cow by certain Moslems near a temple at a village called Azhagan kulam.
  • No action against those who broke the memorial pillar of Swami Vivekananda.
  • Punitive action was not taken against those who hoisted the national flag tied to slippers in the village of Pudhumadam.

Fatwas such as
  • putting up boards announcing ban on non Moslems entering villages 
  • ban on playing of songs in vehicles on public roads have been rampant. 
But Government has not even flinched until the issue was raised by Hindu organisations.
Fundamentalist Moslems were given training in arms and ammunition handling in the sea shore area of this district. People from far away States have also participated in this. News papers have reported this, but no action was taken against the terrorist elements.

With such a terrible background, when one views the severing of protection amulets/threads/dollar chains and erasing of Tilak on the foreheads of Hindu children of the government aided Muhammadiya Higher Secondary School at Sitharkottai, it only makes the fact evident that Ramanathapuram is fast turning into another Kashmir in plains. The painful fact in this whole episode is that the District Administration, responsible for the prevention of separatist acts, is supportive of the very same separatist forces!

The Governments, both at the Centre and the State have to wake up to the dangerous conditions prevailing in the district of Ramanathapuram and take steps on a war footing to save it from separatist and fundamentalist forces. Hindus worldwide should raise their voice against the injustice being meted out to the Hindus of the district of Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu.

Please hear the clarion call of Veerathuravi Shri. Rama GopalanJi to save Ramanathapuram.

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