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Friday, December 27, 2013

SUN TV Anchor's Dhimmitude

UBL stands for Usama Bin Laden in the intelligence tongue. UBL is the man who was a CIA asset in Afghanistan purposefully created and carefully brought up, but ruthlessly neutralized by the creators as the asset turned out to be a bloody liability due to his allegiance to Wahhabi Islam which proved to be dangerous to the whole world.

Well, we have a person similar to UBL in the SUN Network, the most popular SUN media group owned by the Maran family, close relatives of the DMK patriarch Karunanidhi. The Dravidian political parties in TamilNadu stick to their stand of vilifying only Hinduism and Hindu Gods in the name of atheism. Veerapandian, an anchor with the SUN Group, is a breed of this Dravidian school of thought, especially of the followers of E V Ramasamy Naicker, who is still known as father of this imbecile school of thought.

People who subscribe to this school of thought make a conscious effort not to offend Christian or Moslem faiths. They target only the Hindu people and their beliefs. Their tacit motto is to ensure the ground is conducive for religious conversions by either of the dominant Abrahamic faiths. It is open secret that these people are given fiduciary and other benefits by either of the faiths to ridicule Hindus and their faith.

This Veerapandian hosts a program in SUN News where he would have a panel with a Congress person, a Communist, a Muslim and one from the Sangh Parivar. As happens in all secular Televisions, questions will be asked to the Sangh Parivar person and all sorts of interruptions under the Sun would be showered while he attempts to answer. If the Sangh Parivar person speaks well and makes it difficult for these people to handle the way the debate goes, we'll have advertisements and ghost calls for sure to pass time.

Well, in this video, this Veerapandian starts with a troll on Karunanidhi on his practice of mentioning every known person present in any meeting before he starts his speech. Then he says he has nothing much to say but speaks for 15 minutes. The program is a panel discussion on the Muzaffar Nagar riots organised by SDPI. But this man has not ever uttered a word on Muzaffarnagar riots. He heaped invective on Modi and Vajpayee and advocated killing of the Modi snake with any baton, be it Dravidian Party, Communist, Congress or any other outfit.

Let us see some key points in his speech and think how to respond in a way a life time lesson is taught to such a dubious person and the media he belongs to.

This man starts with a caveat that if he speaks in detail it would go beyond April 2014. It obviously states that the speech is targeted towards General Elections 2014. What is the relevance of the social responsibilities of Moslems with regards to Muzaffar Nagar riots and the 2014 General Elections? Why is this media person starts by referring to 2014 General Elections?

He also states that he has no habit of speaking to the tunes of audience and the color of the dais. 

If these words are true and out of his spirit, why was the video removed from SDPI's youtube channel? 

Veerapandian says he has no organizational affiliation and media is his only organization. 

If the words he has spoken in the video are his policies and principles, and his only organization is media, does he use media (SUN TV) as a platform to propagate his policies? Veerapandian has no media outfit on his own and his media platform is SUN TV.

Christian and Muslim communities are under constant attack.

This is a fundamentally false statement as Hindu community is the most offended in the world through physical and psychological means. What is the necessity of making this fundamentally false claim in an Islamic dais? The count of demolished temples are a lot more than demolished Masjids and Churches in India. In any terror attack, Hindus are the most affected mortally. The constant attack on our society and country is done in the name of Islam, by an Islamic country, through Jehadi  outfits. SDPI is a subscriber to Popular Front of India, a Jehadi outfit, that works towards Dar ul Islam in India.

There is a sword hanging above the heads of Moslems.

He refers to Narendara Modi and Hindu activists as 'sword of Damocles' hanging over the heads of Moslems.

If you change seats also, the sword would follow you. Christians go to church and pray. Then they leave it to Jesus. Are you going to be docile like Christians with a prayer or are you going to beat and bury that sword? (Applause for these words)

Does he mean that Moslems cannot coexist with Hindus, so they have to resort to violence to ensure Hindus are 'taken care of'? He also mocks that Christians not indulging in such a violent practices as Moslems. He also pickets their prayer.

A heavily inflated balloon called Modi is in front of you. You need to prick it with a pin and bust it. (Applause)

SDPI is an organization that encompasses Popular Front of India and other Jehadi outfits. Many of its members were accused and convicted in many terror cases. The masterminds of Coimbatore bomb blast of 1998 aimed to kill L.K.Advani are members of SDPI/PFI. These people are responsible for many other bomb blasts and brutal murders in Southern India. The advocacy of violence against Modi from Veerapandian is not only playing the gallery, but also instigating violence from a known terrorist mob.

If Modi comes to power, that gang cannot be driven off power for the next 25 years.

What is the gang? Who comprise the gang? What is the point of connection between Modi coming to power and staying for the next 25 years and the social responsibilities of Moslems in the aftermath of Muzaffarnagar riots? This is simply and unprincipled oozing out of venom against a section of the society and endorsing Dar ul Harb.

Vajpayee has ruled for 5 years with coalition. He rewrote history. He made horses as buffaloes and buffaloes as horses. He made cow a sacred art.

Veerapandian spoke in Tamil and he spoke in a disrespectful manner. Well, what is wrong in making cow a sacred one. What is he trying to achieve by raising this sacred cow issue in a militant Moslem meeting?

They put in Gandhi's picture in the Rupee note. This is the RSS gang of Godse that murdered Gandhi. Is it because of love and affection the RSS has towards Gandhi?

The Supreme Court of India has given a verdict that RSS has no role to play in Gandhi's murder. Several inquiry commissions have also said the same. Yet, this man says that RSS gang has murdered Gandhi without any evidence and this tantamount to contempt of Court. Politically speaking, this same gang had won the Parliamentary elections twice and is ruling several States in the India. How are we to take the endorsement of the general public this gang has got?

They wanted Hindu Rajya and that was why they removed the Buddhist Ashok Chakra and replaced it with Gandhi.

Ashok Chakra was replaced with Gandhi's picture in Rupee note during 1996. The BJP was not in power then. We had the secular parties running the show. Janata Dal (S), Congress and Communists were part of Government. So, this allegation is fundamentally wrong. The purpose this allegation is to instigate Moslems to violence through fear that Hindu Rajya will be established if Modi comes to power.

After 10 years these people will remove Gandhi's picture from the Rupee note and put in Godse's picture.

This is an absolute instigation of violence based on hallucinations. This kind of talk from a self-claimed responsible media person is highly condemnable and deserves a law suit for instigating communal violence.

You need to have only one motto. Modi must go. For that, use whatever baton that comes to your hand. Be it DK, CPM, CPI. Take it beat the Modi snake to death. Please keep off the differences in your principles and thoughts for that. (Long applause for this)

In a democratic country the Prime Ministerial aspirant is called a snake and when a person advocates his liquidation, the mob claps. What kind of people are they? They call themselves Humanitarian, Democratic and work for opportunist alliance against a democratically elected person, with violent instigations. And the instigator is a neutral media person!!

Keep off you political differences with Hindu castes like Thevar, Gounder, Chetty and Vanniar. All those issues can be tackled after 2014 elections. These Thevar, Vanniar and Chettiars must vote for you. If you fight for the differences now, would go and campaign in the cremation ground?

This man advocates political division of Hindus based on caste and use their votes to come to power. Once Moslems come to power they can take care of these Hindus. If the differences are pressed and fought for now, they have to kill Hindus and cannot go for vote hunting in the cremation ground. What a plan for a Jehad to get Dar ul Islam and get Hindus killed or live as Dhimmis? This man is a neutral media person.

Moslem community is a business community. Even though a lot of concessions are available Moslems becoming IAS or IPS officers is in a very low count.

So, this is an acceptance that Moslems are given a lot of concessions. Veerapandian is of the habit of shedding tears claiming that Moslems are denied education and other rights and hence they are paupers. In discussions in his studio Moslems are paupers, but in a Moslem meeting they are affordable business community.

You know only business. There are a lot of big businessmen in your community. But you are not able to bring up a media house on your own.

Is this an application for a top job with a plump pay in an Islamic television channel to further spread venom?

Even if you bring up a channel, a bhai will sit and give Bayan. (Applause and laugh for this)

This mob is of violent nature. Spirituality and divinity are laughing stuff for them. Who are the real religious fundamentalists here? Those who laugh at spirituality and divinity in favor of unleashing terror in the name of religion are fundamentalists. That is what is happening here.

You didn’t start a television channel and give the news which has to reach the people.

What is that must reach news? His concoctions and fabrications based on hallucinations?

Narendra Modi has a team of costumers working for him.

What is wrong in this? Veerapandian is known for keeping a handy make up kit to touch up his face during the break times of his discussions. Every leader has his own style and mannerism. Gandhi has his identification with the half dhothi. Nehru has his identification with a cap and a rose in his sherwani. Indira Gandhi had colored her hair black except for one part on her right. She deliberately left that part of her hair white and that was a mark of identification. One cannot imagine Churchill without a cigar in mouth, lit or not.
So, what is wrong in Modi wearing a half hand Kurta and making it his style?

Media men asked Modi about having his own Gujarati people as orphans in relief camps. He pauses. He looks around with a smug. Then he says those people are happily reproducing in those camps. I have proof for this. There is audio recording.

This statement was reportedly made by the Sri Lankan President’s brother when asked about the Tamil people in relief camps in Northern Sri Lanka. Veerapandian twists facts and attributes that to Modi. This too was spoken in a disrespectful manner in Tamil.

Had you owned a media, this could have been telecast repeatedly and you could have infused the required feel in your people.

This is advocacy of the tactics of Goebbels. Repeat a lie several times till it is believed to be truth. Start a TV channel for that. His motive behind the repeated falsified allegations on Modi and RSS is proved hereby. He fulfils the need of a news channel for Moslems. Is SUN TV the Al Jazeera of TamilNadu?
Another moot question is what the required feel to be infused is and what the expected outcome of that infused feel would be?

Dalits also earn a lot. They go abroad and mint money. They too don’t have a media.

What is the point in speaking about Dalits in a Moslem meeting? If he is so concerned about Dalits what was he doing when Moslems removed a statue of Ambedkar in Cuddalore district of TamilNadu. Is he advocating conversion of Dalits into Islam?

Moslems would build bungalows, swankier homes. If Moslems get money they would control the whole town for themselves and do business.

So, the neutral media person accepts Moslems are well off. He is right in saying Moslems would control whole town and do business. In Moslem majority towns other religious people would not be able to do business unless Moslem Jamaat permits. The whole economy would be in their control.

A lady called Mayaben Kodnani, she is a child specialist, specializing in child birth.

This statement reveals the level of general knowledge this person has. A physician specializing in child birth is gynecologist, while child specialist is a specialist in child care.

This Mayaben Kodnani stood in the streets and ordered the violent Hindu mob to tear the wombs of Moslem women and kill the fetus.

Where is the evidence? Dr. J.S.Kanoria who did post mortem of a pregnant woman Kausar Banu, has given a report that the womb was intact on March 2, 2002. The Supreme Court appointed SIT had also confirmed this. So, the motive behind repeating this fabricated allegation is to incite communal hatred and violence.

Congress MP of Godhra was dragged to the street and minced off into pieces by the violent mob.

The politician killed in Naroda Patiya was a former MP. He too had fired at the Hindus and that triggered the violence, says the SIT report. Who was this Congress MP killed in Godhra?

People, the general public, came running to rescue the MP and they begged at the rioters. They said this MP is so good and helpful to us so, don’t kill him. All those 78 people were targeted and killed by the mob.

This is the false propaganda done by all those who claim to be secular, including this venomous Veerapandian. Even he spoke about Gujarat riots in a discussion on Haj Subsidy. Well, Ehsan Jaffry’s wife Zakia Jaffry has given a statement with the SIT and in the court that her husband fired at people for self-defense. Where have these 78 people come into the picture from? Is he writing screenplay for television soap? He wants a TV channel to telecast these fabrications.

A small incident in Kashmir and Delhi is telecast all over the channels and people are taken for a ride. How is that possible?

In Kashmir, more than 50000 people were murdered. Millions of people are refugees in their own nation, lakhs of temples have been demolished, Pakistan flag is hoisted every now and then, Tricolor is burnt often. For Veerapandian such crimes are small incidents!!
In Delhi, right from streets to Court houses to Parliament, we have terrorist attacks, bombings etc. Who are suffering because of these? Doesn’t he have a concern for our national reputation? He calls these small incidents. For trivializing heinous crimes, this man must be nabbed under the NSA.

Modi calls you a puppy and you’re not getting angry.

This is yet another falsification. What Modi has said had been clarified several times and this man still insists on the falsified version and instigates violence against Modi. This casts aspersions on the neutrality of one of the mainstream new channels in TamilNadu, SUN TV while reporting news. Sonia Gandhi called Modi mauth ka saudagar. Veerapandian calls Modi a snake and asks for that snake to be hit and killed. What kind of politicians and news men we have?

Congress, which is so keen to come back to power, should have been intensely supportive to Moslems. Had it been so, would Moslems think of parting ways with Congress?

What does he mean by intensely supportive. Already he has stated that the Moslems are given more concessions. He trivializes the killing of thousands of people and bombings in the national capital. Is he advocating Dar ul Harb and aims for Dar ul Islam?
The same Islamic principle was used to partition the nation in 1947. The heinous blood thirsty outfit Taliban operates on the same principle. We have Asaduddin Owaisi advocating friendly relationship with Taliban and are to take that Veerapandian treads the same line?

Islamic society is so closed and they speak amongst themselves. They need to come out and get people like Veerapandian, Ramasamy etc to speak for them.

It is more than enough with one Dhimmi Veerapandian speaking for Moslems. We don’t need more Dhimmis and end with a Dar ul Islam. It is better to have a Dar ul Amn, but if people like these aim for Dar ul Islam, we won’t have peace in the nation.

This is the youtube link where they had uploaded the video.
When this speech was made an issue, they have deleted it. We have downloaded the video and uploaded it on the net again. 

Article written in Tamil by Bala Gauthaman.
Translated in English by ArunPrabu.

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