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Friday, March 6, 2009

Azhar in Congress - Defying Science!!!

The recent reports in the media that one of the former India cricket captain Mohammed Azharuddin joining the Congress is really eyebrow raising from a scientific stand point. Let us check out the history of these two, because I don't want to just dabble around without historical evidence and data proof for my stand. Congress is the most corrupt amongst political parties. Azhar is the most corrupt amongst cricket captains. Let us see in detail.

Congress has corruption and controversial behaviour as a trait right from Independence.
In 1948, after the knowledge that the assassin of Mahatma Gandhi, Nathuram Godse, was a Maharashtrian Brahmin, the so-called non-violent Congress Party went on a rampage , killing hundreds of Maharashtrian Brahmins, burning their houses and putting thousands in jail.

In 1957, Haridas Mundhra a notorious stock speculator, got the government-owned LIC to invest Rs. 1.24 crores (about USD 3.2 million at the time) in the shares of six troubled companies belonging to Mundhra. The investment was done under governmental pressure and bypassed the LIC’s investment committee, which was informed of this decision only after the deal had gone through. In the event, LIC lost most of the money.

Starting then, the Congress was always the center of controversies and corruptions. KGB money was flowing into the country and was instrumental in keeping the Congress Party afloat in the political arena, by "all" means. We have Mitrokin's archive to speak about it.

Bofors scam speaks a lot about the Congress party's scant respect for national defense. During Narasimha Rao's period, corruption was at it's prime in every nook and corner of the administration. Right from pittance to pickle, there was corruption. We had the PM accused of taking bribe to bail out a tainted stock broker. Result of inquiry is ambiguous, as usual.

Well, take the case of Mohammed Azharuddin. Statistically he is one of India's most successful captains. In 1991 he was named as a Wisden Cricketer of the Year. But then came out all his corrupt practises and collusions with the underworld operations. He abetted with betting monsters and ruined the spirit of sport, not for victory but for money. Former South African captain Late lamented Hansie Cronje, in his confession for match-fixing, had indicated that Azharuddin was the one to introduce him to the bookies.

India's premier investigation agency the CBI had stated in it's report as follows,"It is clear that Azharuddin contributed substantially towards the expanding bookie/player nexus in Indian cricket. The enquiry has disclosed that he received large sums of money from the betting syndicates to fix matches. There is also evidence which discloses that he roped in other players also to fix matches, which resulted in this malaise making further inroads into Indian cricket. The evidence against Azharuddin, which is discussed next, clearly establishes that he took money from bookies/punters to fix cricket matches and also the fact that the underworld had approached him to fix matches for them."

This led the BCCI to ban him from cricket for life in 2000. In one of his interviews, Azhar claimed that he was being targeted because he was from a minority community. After severe criticism from all parts of the country, including prominent minority community organisations, Azharuddin had to apologise publicly and retract his statements. A typical Congress style.

Both Azhar and Congress party have similar traits. We have studied science that says, only opposite poles attract. We don't have an answer to why, as with physics we have answers for only how and what. But I've come across a beautiful explanation on the web that inspired me, may be because I'm an economics student.

The given reason for opposite polls attracting each other is,"because everything in nature tries to reach equilibrium. Positive and negative are in equilibrium when they are neutral. They can become neutral only by coming together and they attract".

As always reality would be stranger and we may have Azharuddin given the sports ministry if Congress comes to power, as history states that corruption and Congress are two sides of the coin called scandal.

Well, let us get back to the point. Corrupt Congress and corrupt Azharuddin have come together. They both have same qualities, so could be classified as same poles. Hence this union is science defying.

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