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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Being paranoid of cricket victories

It is good see the feeling of ahoi in the cricket loving population on Indian cricket team's victorious show in New Zealand. There are reasons to celebrate. After 1976 Indian cricket team has won a test match in New Zealand. With this the title that makes people flinch, "Heroes at home and zeroes elsewhere" is challenged. The limited overs cricket series win is also a good news. The performance of Sachin and Sehwag along with the back to form Dravid are commendable. Then why paranoia?

Reason behind the paranoia is historically driven. Indian cricket team was victorious under the captaincy of Mohd Azharuddin and everyone was ecstatic about the resurgence of Indian cricket team. But when it came to key performance occasions, the team goofed. The two world cups and some other international matches stand as evidence for this. In Sharjah, the team had a habit of losing the finals. But yet, when it came to overall performance, the team was good.

Then came the startling revelations of match fixing, bookie-player nexus, underworld manipulation of cricket and so on. The performance of the team and the losses in key matches were pre-orchestrated. Players played and goofed for money and no sporting spirit was allowed. The key people were South African players and the then Indian cricket captain. Fine this is history. What gives to be paranoid about the victory now?

The coach of Indian cricket team is a South African, the players are young and partying hard when not in the game. Dhoni is rumored around with an actress, as Azhar was during his prime. Girls are the easy way to gain access to players privacy. Add up all these information and the recent history of the Indian cricket, along with the money poured into their pockets through IPL(where does this much money come from), makes one to suspect that Dhoni might do an Azhar.

Shameless unlike elsewhere, Azhar is admitted into Congress party and is asked to seek election to represent people. Crimes of the worst nature go unpunished and after while perpetrators and criminals are given place in the political arena in the nation. So, fear of punishment is also ruled out. With no bar to any sort of conduct, we have every right to suspect that something is fishy underground with the victories in New Zealand.

People may suggest to pray to God for not landing us up in such a situation again, as if God has no other job than policing crickters. He has the few good men in the world to take care of, and that is a mammoth task.

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