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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Inducing to Education or sustaining vote bank?

It is appalling that the Government of TamilNadu in its zeal to woo the so-called minority community has chosen to alienate the poor of the Hindu community. Irrespective of their economic status the students of Government and Government recognized schools and colleges are handed out money for paying tuition fees and covering expenses for their books and other stationery. This is not done by any missionaries nor by any jehadi outfits, but by the "Secular" Government of TamilNadu. It is in toeing line with the PM of India announcing that only moslems have the first right on the nation's resources, citing Sachar, Mishra and other committee reports.

The Center has nodded for some "exclusively for minority" concessions and the State Government has without any formal announcement started doing the above said service to the minorities. The Government has no Constitutional justification for this as it violates most of the fundamental rights given by the Constitution, The right to Education, The Right to Equality and The right to freedom from exploitation. The students of the majority community are denied their right to be equally treated with any other citizen as they are discriminated. Their right to have a fair and decent education is being questioned on the economic status of their parents, as some of the students are given subsidy by the Government whereas it is the duty of the Government to ensure every citizen gets a fair and decent education. The right to freedom from exploitation of the majority community is violated as they are being sidestepped, subjected to bigotry by this chauvinistic act of the Government of TamilNadu.

The school children of the majority community are being mocked by the student of the so-called minority community that only those worship their God would get money. This is another means of inducing religious conversion, but this could also be categorized as subtle imposing of other religion on Hindus, which puts under constant threat their right to freedom of religion. The atheists in Government of TN have no respect for nature, culture and people. They have reduced Chennai from a beautiful city to a crowded ugly settlement but made money from the encroachments made. How can we expect these money minded politicians to ensure equality among citizens? They need power to make money and they do what it takes to get to power.

MK and his atheists followers (who would go to temple with families and then criticize the same God they worshiped) would not do justice unless the majority unite as a vote bank. They would do all the possible tricks and gimmicks to get the people's attention away from such discriminatory and dangerous practices, but the Hindus shall wake up to the reality.  Come on folks. Arise..... be awake and stop not until the atrocities against us are stopped.

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