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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Times of India insults Hinduism

There was an article in Times of India stating that incest is rampant in Haryana and predominantly the Hindu community is involved in it. They have even quoted some examples from Mahabharatha and Rig Veda that incest was traditional in Hindu culture. Here is the link.  The tenor of the article was of that only Haryana is infested with incest and some comments from some 'cultured' people say that North Indian men are sex maniacs. 

I seriously doubt the credentials of those 'cultured' commentators. Any perversion would take place and grow only when the mind is left idle to fend with any kind of thought. No community fosters perversion, nor they encourage such ideas. Stray incidents are given a boost and a bad picture is pasted about the Hindu community.
Careful checks through the net by Hindu people revealed that parts of article were just a carbon copy of a Pakistani forum ( The 'author' of this article

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