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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holocaust of Cattle - Are we living amongst Schultz Staffel?

Sunday normally starts with a lazy morning, my mom prodding about prayers and breakfast, dad enjoying his time with me speaking from politics to Vedanta to old time memories. One of the past Sundayas (7/10/12) was different. None was at home in the morning as parents left to home town for Navarathri. Bloody lazy day with loads of outstanding works is really a hell. But as there was no other go, started the day through that hell and was sailing through.

While browsing through face book I came through an invitation from one of my close friends with theTemple Worshippers Society, an organization that strives for temples to be maintained properly at the hands of most of the atheist officers of HR&CE who are products of the Dravidian politics, famous for their lies about Hinduism and related causes. There are news items that report misuse of temple funds and temple properties. Lands have been sold for a song, metaphorically speaking. But these are issues to be taken up only by Hindus as it is related to the religion.

But the other issue of grave concern is of some relevance to the blue cross & PETA. We have malpractices of grave concern from the PETA standpoint that cows given to temples as offerings have been going missing. When asked the officers do not respond responsibly following the British tradition of bureaucratic arrogance towards colonized nations. Haven't we got rid of the yoke of colonial slavery and celebrate it on the 15th of August every year? Appears not from the mindset of the colonial bureaucracy. The successive Governments led by the atheists, encouraged such arrogance as a means to have their say in the regime, irrespective of moral and ethical sustainability, leave alone the constitutional maintainability.

It was Robert Clive and the successive Viceroys who setup and maintained the slaughter houses in our nation, as they saw the cattle only as meat. They studied the root cause of the prosperity of the nation and found that the agriculture is pretty much aligned with nature and cattle play a pivotal role in getting the lands fertile and feasible for fertilizer less agriculture. To break this cycle and get their hands upper, the British started slaughter houses and reduced the number of cattle to a bare minimum. This led to the downfall of agriculture and the agrarian way of life waned off.

Post independence,  Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru threatened to resign if cow slaughter is banned in the nation. Why? No solid reason is given till date. But the same Pandit Nehru used to say that his soul was crying when he saw a slaughter house. But Nehru gave some lame duck excuses like Forex reserves will dwindle, world will laugh  that India is going back to 18th century!!

But successive attempts to close the slaughter house by Shasthri Ji, Morarji, Atal Ji were scuttled by death, toppling the  Government and threat to topple the Government respectively. But politics and law making apart, are we treating the cattle with some humanity? I fear some of our politicians may come up with an argument that there is no necessity to treat cattle with humanity, since humanity is only for humans. 

Well, if we take the Human Rights track record to just a have a look, I'm afraid we'll start justifying the bloody way cattle are man handled.  There was a video doing rounds in the cyber space showing how mindlessly the animals were killed for meat, but was taken off citing the horrible content, conveniently concealing that video was a recorded reality. Now, we have this Temple Worshipers' video on the unethical and unruly way of treating cattle in our nation. 

I met a gentleman there (Forgot his name as usual). He runs a cattle shelter with some hundreds of cow and other animals. The only caveat he issues against the life of cattle in his shelter are non-responsibility for natural death. When inquired about the expenses in running the shelter he said it runs into a couple of millions of Rupees. He asserts that the shelter takes care of itself financially and he is happy to take the cattle in as they come in the count of tens. He is open to guide and assist people in setting up similar shelters. 

When the screening of the video started, I sat with my buddies with a mindset to watch some disturbing sequences, but the entire video helped me visualize the infamous Holocaust of Hitler and Tamil Nadu as Auschwitz. I cannot even think of ill treating pets in such a manner, but people displaying cruelty of unspeakable nature made me irate indeed. One other reason apart from laziness in writing this post so delayed was to keep cool and not vent my frustration in my blog. I want to save that anger for my day to deal with this cruel lot.

I must appreciate the courage of the team for doing their bit of 007 in bringing the cruelty out. They dared to go into the market and transportation centers of the cattle kidnappers and got some statements recorded on the video from the middlemen. 

This cruelty has to be stopped. We have laws for treating animals in certain decent way. Those laws were flouted due to the apathy at the bottom of the Police  hierarchy and legal loop holes in the implementation of laws.  We have had a notorious judgement where it was asked why people didn't come out fighting if something hurts their sentiments? This should be that case, I'm not pretty sure.

So, the need of the hour is for those who are concerned about this from any stand point, religious, PETA, humane or just unable to like the way people treat animals, to come forward and raise their voices as a mark of support, then do something fitting their limits to do their part to stop this cruelty. If we don't condemn cruelty, we tacitly condone that. If we condone cruelty we're spoiling generations to come. Take the right stand, please! VANDE MATARAM.

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