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Sunday, December 9, 2012

What is under the hood of this Sainthood?

It was another Sunday (2/2/12) with the usual laziness syncing in and day was moving at a snail's pace. While watching TV, I saw some Christian  function with some big wigs of the church present. It was Jaya Plus channel and they said that martyrdom was being accorded to one Devasahayam Pillai. I googled and wiki'd to figure out what role has he played in the freedom struggle. Later it turned out to be a Christian religious martyrdom. So, what does this mean to us? Pillai will be a Christian saint sooner or later. This martyrdom is the first step towards that.

Well, looking at the church's version of the history of Travancore kingdom, it was said that one Neelakantan of the Nair clan has converted to Christianity and has become Devasahayam Pillai at the behest of the kingdom's Dutch army commander De Lannoy. Devasahayam was against the caste apartheid and this angered the upper caste people, so they conspired and got the King's order to kill this man. This happened some 250 years ago. So, what are we doing after a couple of centuries with his death?

It is said that the Pope has sanctioned martyrdom for this man after 250 years of his death. Reason given is that he is still remembered by Christians of Southern Kerala, Kanyakumari and nearby shore districts in TamilNadu and Northern SriLanka. If remembrance in certain areas of a nation is the criterion for sainthood, then right from Velu Nachiar, Maruthu Pandiar, Sethupathi to some of the Zamindars and the Respected Leaders of freedom struggle are still remembered and will be remembered in future too. Well, they did it for the national cause and were against the British and European colonialism. But Devasahayam Pillai was so close to a Dutchman.

The weird twist in the story of Devasahayam Pillai is that the story was fabricated without much eye to detail. The Dutchman General De Lannoy  was a Protestant. If someone converts to Christianity at his behest, why should he go to Catholic church instead of the Protestant church which was all powerful in the Travancore kingdom? We have ample room to suspect that the local Catholic authorities might have presented the fabrication to their religious leaders or a lie is being propagated with the consent of the highest religious authority of the Catholic order to get the locals inspired and wooed to their fold. Is one of 7sins being committed for a grand religious cause?

Here comes my learned friend Gauthaman with his thoroughly researched article on this matter. A matter that is dismissed as fundamentally false by historians is being propagated by the church as truth. It is said that the Pope has recognized this sainthood based on a concoction presented as history. Dwelling deep into such practices we can come across such incidents in history to which the Pope has given his consent. This too, upon careful examination, appears as another fabrication as the story of St.Thomas reaching TamilNadu and teaching Thiruvalluvar which is ridiculed by the fact that a person cannot die twice and above all a human corpse cannot be in two places, thousands of miles apart, in full. 

The religion itself was propagated in India through violent means and some intellectual dismissals based on the spiritual stands and claims were violently put out with the help of the powerful European colonial forces. One good example of such a violence was the Inquisition of Goa. Francis Xavier, who spearheaded the violence is a Saint and churches and convents are in huge numbers bearing his name. Given the violence employed in acquiring land and preaching Christianity by this man, historian Seetharam Goel says Xavier is a pirate clad as a priest.

Well, with the Pope denying that Jesus is the Christ in the above video, and the year of birth of Jesus Christ being cast under suspicion by the Pope, we can take a safe bet that many of the claims of the church are false or fabricated. With the very basis of the existence of Christianity is kept under suspicion by the top authority of a faction of that religion, they have to do a lot of house cleaning and house keeping with the tall religious claims almost as false and fabricated as some reported insurance claims. 

One other fact that gets the Hindus miffed with is that these martyrdom and sainthood are celebrated on days of religious and spiritual importance to the Hindus. Now that the Martyrdom is to be celebrated on January 14 or January 15 of every year which corresponds to the birth of the month of 'Thai', the Sankranthi and Pongal celebrations, a kind of thanks giving for a good harvest. The political motive behind moving the Tamil New Year to this period by the DMK is also a matter of concern as this could be used in future as if the martyrdom of Mr.Pillai were being celebrated as a new year by the Tamil people. Sounds queer, but checking with history of the demise of Mayan and other Pagan cultures this cannot be ruled out. 

We have another weird thing being done by a Catholic priest. He plagiarized from Bhagavad Gita and wrote added them up to Bible and called it India Bible.  He didn't bother to reply when asked why he is plagiarizing from Hindu scriptures. A lawsuit on this matter is pending in the courts. This also is an attempt to claim that the Bhavad Gita is a replica of the Bible in future.

They have been trying for the past 600 years with all the means to convert Bharat into a Christian nation. Having been unsuccessful for such a long time made them desperate and try converting for money, material pleasure and localization of their concepts. Our nation, culture and traditions have survived even a much ferocious attack by the Muslim invaders. Many of us do not have the time to sit and look at the claims of other religions and to realize the fact that they are false. Let us take time, and realize the truth that Sanathana Dharma is better than the self styled best ones. Vande Mataram.

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